How to select a fabric for your recliner
How to select a fabric for your recliner
Norma Begin   |    March 8, 2015  Uncategorized



We all know how comfortable and supportive recliner chair are. But do you know what increases and decreases its value? The fabric. The selection of fabric for your recliner is as important as the features and strength of a recliner. Be sure of buying the right fabric for your recliner to ensure it lasts longer and matches the interior of your room


It is surprising that the majority of the crowd prefers the leather recliner, while by far is the least idealistic choice when it comes to gaining comfort from a recliner. Leather as a fabric is too hard on your body. It would make noise when you move, it leaves stain and can tire you easily if you sit for a long time. Moreover, once damaged, leather is the most expensive to repair


The Microfiber recliners have recently become highly popular, and they should be. Unlike leather, this fabric is less prone to the damage and provides more comfort. It is durable and lasts longer with pets and children. It is stain resistant which makes it something incredible if you use your recliner a lot. However, if by any chance they get stained or dirty, it is pretty hard to get rid of them while cleaning.

Upholstery Fabric

When recovering a sofa or a recliner, an upholstery fabric is probably your best choice. They come in a wide range, is attractive and durable.

Upholstery fabric is also heavy and thick, which means they are perfect for heavy furniture. Depending on your choice of fabric, upholstery can also be great against dirt and stains. Similarly, it brings the best out of your furniture because of its luxurious look.

Vinyl Fabric

If you are a leather lover but are also in search of comfort, then vinyl is the best alternative. Vinyl is durable and versatile, but costs you less than a leather recliner. Regardless of it being durable and strong, it is lightweight. Cleaning vinyl is simple and easily dries after cleaning.

The Verdict:

The fabric you select depends on the use of the recliner. For those who place it in their homes as a decoration piece can go for leather or other fancy fabrics. But if you are seeking comfort and support from recliner chairs, then consider a fabric that would last longer with you in terms of comfort and durability.