Oh my God I just went to a visit to my very favorite  Raleigh Spa
Oh my God I just went to a visit to my very favorite Raleigh Spa
Norma Begin   |    March 7, 2011  City

Oh my God I just went to a visit to my very favorite¬† Raleigh Spa and it was everything that I needed and more. Things have been stressful lately, I’m sure you’ve heard, not only did Steve and I break up for good, but we finally decided to separate our stuff. Oh it was so difficult, she is such a jerk sometimes, but I couldn’t help feeling that I still love him a little bit. So, it was really hard to go to the old house that I used to live at, and take all of my stuff back. It just felt so final. I had a few options on how I could act or what I could do, and it was extremely difficult to decide, you know. Then, I decided to go to the spa.

Wow, was the spa the right choice? Absolutely it was the right choice. Nowhere is as good as this before collecting yourself after a traumatic experience like a breakup. I just feel so in touch with my body and mind again, and I feel like I can really trust myself to navigate through this difficult time. Seriously though, sometimes all a man needs it’s a day at the spa. Breakups suck, but so do a lot of things, and we don’t let the rest of those things get us down in the long-term. Sometimes you just have to dwell on the thing, let it sink in, feel the painful feelings, and take a day at the spa. If you know any spas that are perfect for this kind of situation, I suggest using them, and I also suggest suggesting that stuff to me. That would be fabulous. I absolutely love going to the small almost all the time, but especially when things are a bit rough. It just makes everything better. Even if things are going good! So, that’s where I’m at, and I don’t think that my relationship with my favorite little spot in the city is going to end anytime soon.