Who Do You Need for App Store Optimization?
Who Do You Need for App Store Optimization?
Norma Begin   |    March 5, 2011  Tech

                  Who Do You Need for App Store Optimization?


App store optimization is not something that one person can do on their own. You need a team of people willing to help you, people that have specialized in certain areas that are essential to the optimization process. By hiring the right people you are going to allow yourself the privilege of getting very far indeed as far as your app is concerned. However, you might be wondering right now about who exactly these people are. Who are the ones that would allow you to optimize your app store and how can you possibly manage to get a hold of them?

Graphic Designer:-

The design of your app’s logo is going to be instrumental to its eventual success. Hence, you must take special care to hire a graphic designer that would understand your product and try to create visuals that would properly represent it. You also need someone creative, someone that would create a logo that would catch the eye and enchant the mind, thereby allowing you to get the best result possible when you finally apply all of your techniques and start to draw people to your app in the store.


You are obviously going to need someone to help you code your app and make it easier to optimize. By getting a coder you can make your job as the person in charge of the actual app store optimization process a lot easier, which would free up your time and actually allow you to do a much better job than you would have done otherwise! This is why it’s important to get yourself integrated into this process. Try your best to hire a coder with some flair, as you are going to have to impress a lot people for your optimization to be successful!

Content Writer:-

The description of your product is going to be the key to your eventual success. If you are not all that great at writing descriptions you can make it a whole lot easier on yourself by hiring a content writer. Hire someone that would be able to describe your product with ease but would also write with some literary artisanship. A good content writer can make the descriptions of your products very good indeed, and this would have a serious impact on your app store optimization. People do read descriptions a lot after all.