Love and its Ad
Love and its Ad
Norma Begin   |    March 1, 2011  Love

Love and its Advantages in Our Lives


In our daily life we see millions of love images on different media. All these images possess a long story behind them. It is up to the viewer what to think of these images. One of the most sacred feelings that God has bestowed on Human Beings is love. In the creation of Earth and Sky, there is love playing its role. It also seems to play its role in the creation of all the other creatures. Man is sent to the world to spread love and due to this sentiment he has been given superiority to all other creatures. Love is all present between God and creatures. One of the beautiful lessons given to us by our religions is “love and respect each other”.

What is Love?

Love is actually an emotion, feeling, and a way of life in which a person gets interested in the object of his love. Like all the other feelings, it is also closely related to psychology of humans. Since their creation they have remained in love for one thing or the other. This love reflects in their talks, movements, sorrows, and happiness.

Importance of Love

Love has great importance in our lives as it is involved in our daily activities. There are many faces and also the facets of love. The romantic love has following advantages.

  1. Connects with Others
  2. Path of Self Discovery
  3. Source of Motivation
  4. A Good Reformer and Teacher

1-Connects With Others

The very first advantage of love is that it connects us with other human beings. It is a connection that is sometimes natural and sometimes created by man’s inner self. All the relations of family are bonded with natural love and the others are men created.

2-Path of Self Discovery

Love is also important because it puts us on the path of self discovery. A person fallen in love discovers himself, his preferences, likes, dislikes, tastes, and morality. This is because a person in love finds himself at the place undiscovered.

3-Source of Motivation

Love also increases our motivation and we try to achieve the impossible. This does not mean that we want to show our love partner, instead, we want to do something better in life and succeed. This strives of success impacts other fields of our life.

4-A Good Reformer and Teacher

Love is a very good reformer and teacher also. For example, on the demand of our love partner we often leave the bad habit. It this example love is reformer for because it relieves us of the bad habits. It is a teacher also because it gives us many lessons on important points of life.

In short we can say that love images speak a lot about this sacred feeling and should be used to make a way of life.