Diadvantages of living in Burnaby condos
Diadvantages of living in Burnaby condos
Norma Begin   |    February 10, 2011  Real Estate

                                      Diadvantages of living in Burnaby condos

Burnaby condos, the houses in the British Colombian City of Burnaby, consist of many condos where people from different localities, having different religious beliefs, are living in complete harmony. It is considered the best peaceful place to live in Canada. It is one of the best tourist places across the world because of its immense facilities for them. There are golf courses, green lands, mountains, boating, and also world class shopping malls. The Bunaby Art Gallery is also another attraction for them. Tourists can easily reach there because the Vancouver International Airport is not very far away from here. Most people doing their jobs in Vancouver prefer to live in Burnaby because of its natural beauty. Living there is always a good experience for all, but there are also something to keep in mind.

Main Disadvantages

Living in Burnaby Condos is always good and affordable, but there are also some disadvantages of living in theses condos. The main are:

Condos association fee

Always keep in mind that you are having world class facilities in condos such as pool, gym, security, garage, yards and others. These are not provided free of cost. Instead, there is an association made which takes the fee and also arranges their cleanliness and maintenance. But think of having a separate pool, you have to cost huge amount on it. But here you enjoy all these for a little amount of money.

No Privacy

Another big disadvantage of living in condos is that there is no privacy. As condos means the part of huge building owned by you, there are many neighbors near you walls. They used to do different activities such as climbing on walls, on the roofs and playing. In this way the privacy is disturbed. If you are looking for some peaceful surroundings, condo is not a place to live in.

Difficult to sale

Once bought condos are difficult to sale because you own no land. People prefer to buy the empty units first and many new buildings are being built day by day.

Follow rules

Living in condos means living by rules. You have to follow all the rules laid down by the Condos Association. You cannot make any installations without the prior permission of the association. For example if you wish to install solar panels for power supply, you have to take permission. If not granted, you are helpless.

In the end, it can be argued that inspite of all the disadvantages Burnaby condos are worth living because they are affordable and easy to manage.