360 Degree Capture: Theta S is in Play
360 Degree Capture: Theta S is in Play
Norma Begin   |    January 23, 2017  camera

360 Degree Capture: Theta S is in Play:

Do you think that you can’t even take simple photographs from a camera? Every time you take a picture, it gets either too close or too wide that you end up in dissatisfaction. You are not alone with these problems, there are a number of other people as well, but in today’s world, we have a solution for this problem, a new camera with wonderful technology. Ricoh Theta S review is the best way to find out the ultimate experience, however, this article will try to explain some major aspects, which could address your problem.

360-degree Sphere:

In taking pictures from your Theta S, you won’t have to focus on the object at all, all you need to do is push the button for taking the photographs and you are done. You’ll get the best picture from this simple technique than you would have ever captured before but the condition is you must be using the Theta S Camera as this camera gets a 360-degree picture. No, we aren’t lying that’s the truth.

Attachable to Selfie Stick:

In case you feel that the natural holding position is making your fingers a part of every picture you take, then using a selfie stick is another option, which is fully supported by Theta S. you can fix you camera on the selfie stick and capture the picture without including the pose of your fingers in every click.

Compatible with Phone:

Don’t have a selfie stick with you? No issues, we have another solution for it as well. You can connect your camera to your smartphone and use the smartphone buttons to operate your camera. Wondering if this could be done at all? Yes, it can be, rather the camera is made compatible to be attached to smartphones. Apart from operating the camera from phones, picture transfer, editing, and sharing directly are also possible and very easy to manage.

I hope now you won’t be concerned about your skill of not being able to capture good pictures. You can tell the word that you can capture exceptionally good picture, which covers the entire place and can be used for capturing the real fun going around rather than just posing that you are enjoying. The best way to share your feelings about the camera and its working after purchase is to write a Ricoh Theta S Review.